Hook strategy in content marketing: the key to customer acquisition – loyalty

Hook strategy in content marketing: the key to customer acquisition – loyalty

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Attract customers and users by producing quality content

Most of you have probably never heard of the term hook, but I do not think it can be used as a metaphor to better explain a content marketing strategy, except for boxers and athletes like me. Today we are all somehow producing content; It does not matter if the content we produce is to attract and connect with our customers and we want to gain customer satisfaction or we are going to do the famous job these days, producing content for Instagram and becoming a virtual horn. In this article, we are going to get acquainted with boxing sport technique as our content strategy to produce quality content.

What is a Hook Impact Strategy?

There are two types of punches in boxing. One is a jab and the other is a hook. A skilled boxer hits his opponent Jab first and then hits him in the face. In fact, in the first blows, the opponent loses his focus and suffocates with a deadly hook blow. The boxer of our country does not hit the hook at the beginning because the opponent is very alert at first, but when he loses his focus, he is ready to be knocked out. So who do you think connected this boxing fan to content production and marketing strategy?

"Hook ... Hook" strategy in content marketing
“Hook … Hook” strategy in content marketing

Mr. Gary Weinerchax, in “Impact, Impact, Impact, Hook: How Do We Tell Our Story in This Noisy Social World?” Says:

In any game, the first step is to neutralize the opponent’s defense. So, in the world of marketing, we must first neutralize the customer’s defense and refusal to buy.

At least once in your life, in the face of business content advertising on social media, you have probably felt proud that you stopped your purchase with confidence and a grin. Where do you think such advertisements work?

The best content strategy for any business is to think about customer service without any expectations. When we say you have to tap first, we do not mean to distract the customer. Impact in the world of marketing is the production of quality content that is delivered to the customer and user without any expectations. This is how the sense of trust and customer satisfaction attracts the content you produce. The adversary does not mean the customer and the user, but the main adversary of any business, whether in social networks or in the real world, is the skepticism of customers and users; So the purpose of the blow is not to harm the customer, but on the contrary, to satisfy the customer and his sense of trust.

Therefore, your mission is to educate, entertain and interest the customers so that your customer gradually receives a sense of friendship and camaraderie from you and in return wants to convey a sense of mutual friendship to you. The art of any business is not just to increase sales, but to sell along with building a long-term relationship with the customer. That’s when the customer starts to introduce you to their friends and so-called word-of-mouth marketing happens.

After this step, it is the turn of the hook, and this is exactly when you ask the customer to do something for you in the form of a request, which is not without grace and at the same time gives value to the customer. This request can be the purchase of a training course or a product, you may also ask the customer to provide your information. Hook in marketing language, especially digital marketing, is the call to action.

The key is to be clear when requesting a customer and publishing your ad, as you now have the right to request free content and service from a customer. Rest assured that both the customer and the user will be satisfied to be able to receive or assist you. In the following, we will review a series of necessary measures to implement this strategy.

1. Take storytelling seriously.

The main problem for many businesses is their dry tone, and most people do not believe in their human aspect and do not want to be deceived by their profitability. The key to success is to tell your audience a story about your brand, product, and service in an intimate tone. We all love stories. By doing so, the customer is spiritually and emotionally accountable to the relationship with you and is always willing to take action to compensate for the free value they receive from you. Perhaps this simple action will increase the customer loyalty of your collection many times over; So do not neglect this technique at all.

Business storytelling for customers
Business storytelling for customers

2. Think global, act local!

Put aside caution and conservatism! Influencers knew this technique well. This is a sign that the pages of everyday life are expanding day by day. People these days are looking for winners and businesses that respond to current issues in society. For this reason, after everything, the sub-posts of celebrities are always complaining about why they are more and more unresponsive to the topic of the day. Do not be afraid to express your opinion. In the words of Rolf Dubli: “A goalkeeper does not react on a penalty kick and scores, the other one goes in the wrong direction and scores again. Most of us condemn the first goalkeeper, while both have conceded.”
It is important to be up-to-date and in line with world developments and world-class quality, but in addition to all this, reacting to even superficial trends of the day, such as magnets, attracts customers.

Your question: “What do we get with this content marketing strategy?”

  • Attracting new customers due to word of mouth marketing of existing customers
  • Build trust between you and your current customers
  • Increase the satisfaction of current customers because your content is valuable.
  • The sense of belonging of current customers to you due to the two-way relationship with the customer
  • Creating customer loyalty due to the human aspect and storytelling of your business
  • Finally, increase sales and profitability, as well as the exchange of value between the parties
Establish a two-way relationship with the customer
Establish a two-way relationship with the customer

This office is over, marketing strategies still remain …

In this article, we tried to introduce you to a new and attractive content marketing strategy. How much of a seemingly sporty strategy can help your business grow and increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction. So always remember that maintaining customer value is possible with good content production. To first create value for the customer and user and then introduce our services and products to him by creating a good relationship. A win-win exchange that everyone loves. When I wanted to use the weird “hit … hook” strategy to explain this, I remembered a bit from Hafez about how best to end the article:

I wrote these letters as if you did not know it, so read it out of love, as you know it

Finally, if you liked the article, TargetedWebTraffic.com would be happy to comment on your personal experience in this regard, below this article, and if you like it a lot, send this article to your friends, especially to sports-marketing friends.


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