Learn More: What is Direct Line Sales?

Learn More: What is Direct Line Sales?

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What is direct line sales?

Leonardo DiCaprio changed the way he sells straight lines by starring in “Wolf of Wall Street.” The system was first implemented in 1988 at Stratton Occupation, a low-cost stockbroker in Long Island. Direct line sales were taught to thousands of novice sellers, who sold hundreds of millions of securities this way.

The essence of the direct line sales system is that you need to gain the trust of customers in three cases otherwise no one will buy from you:

1. The customer must be 100% sure that your product is the best and most useful thing he has seen. They should be fascinated by the product, idea or concept you offer.

2. The customer must be able to trust and communicate with you before making a purchase . If he feels he can not trust you, he will find someone who can trust him and buy from him.

3. The customer must trust and communicate with your brand or company . Your company needs to have faith in what it says.

The easiest way to draw any of the above three is on a spectrum in which the number 1 indicates customer distrust and the number 10 indicates complete customer trust.

The essence of direct line sales is that all sales are the same; It does not matter what you sell, what the product or service is, what its price is, how much the customer’s budget, whether it is by phone or in person; Rather, your most important job is to make sure that the customer does not have the slightest hesitation in these three cases (product, you and the company), then you will see that he will not hesitate to buy from you; But if you do not gain the trust of the customer, there will be no purchase.

How is assurance obtained?

Through logic and emotion

1. Logic: Logic is mostly based on what you tell the customer. This is when people think you are not saying too much and it seems that your words are reasonable and your product can meet their needs and the price is fair.

Reasonable assurance arises when the customer is convinced that everything seems right and reasonable.

2. Feeling: Feeling more based on a kind of inner feeling that the customer inspires your product is not a bad thing. In this way, a good image should be created in the minds of customers.

Both parts of trust are important and vital and you should try to create both in the customer. In fact, people buy out of emotion, but they still want to justify their purchase to others with reason and logic.

However, some customers are very united and stubborn; This means that even when they are both logically and emotionally united, they are still not willing to buy.

In order to break down the defensive wall of such people, you have to go to their problems and pains, which is itself the strongest stimulus. You need to work patiently to find out what your customer is currently suffering from not having high quality web traffic and where the root of the problem is. Then try to leave your product as a cure for that problem.


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