Social Networks do Not Affect SEO, but They Do

Social Networks do Not Affect SEO, but They Do

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O, but they do!

Acting on social networks is one of the most effective ways to rank in search results. Who says that? Google or those who like to believe that social media is an important part of SEO? This confusion will reach its peak in SEO 2019.

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  • How did the debate over the impact of social media on SEO begin?
  • Why can’t social media be a good benchmark for Google?
  • Social Networks, SEO 2019 and Social Signals
  • Why pay more attention to your site’s social signals?

Ever wondered if some of the stories you read in history books are not so reliable? For example, the fact that the Vikings never wore horns on their helmets, or that Benjamin Franklin did not discover electricity, was not the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus, or that American astronauts were not the first to land on the moon !?

It is interesting to know that these misconceptions, which are not few in number, do not exist only in history; There are also many controversial stories in the digital space that confuse many. One of these beliefs is the impact of social media on SEO and Google Algorithms It is to get a high position in search results, because in the past, many people, due to their higher ranking in Google, created profiles on various social networks and had heartfelt faith in this way!

But in this article, we want to examine different perspectives on the impact of social traffic to your website and networks on SEO and tell you with reason and logic how much you should focus on your site’s social signals so that you can gain Google trust faster. By being aware of the different perspectives on the subject of the article, you will realize for yourself what place social networks will have in SEO 2019.

Of course, if you do not have enough time to read the article, we suggest that you watch the video at 4:17 to understand the most important concepts in this article.

How did the debate over the impact of social media on SEO begin?

We all know that one of the key criteria in determining a site’s ranking is getting quality backlinks from reputable sites. Now that getting links from well-known sites is so important to Google and social networks are highly regarded by Google, then what better place than Instagram traffic and Twitter targeted visitors and other social platforms can help us gain a better position?

The above view was the first step to increase the importance of social networks in gaining a better position in search results; Because it made a lot of webmasters Link building on social networks Tops your SEO checklist. This was even confirmed directly by Google.

The following is a question from a user of Matt Cutts (former Google Spam Manager):

“Hi Matt, I read in an SEO article that Google uses Facebook and Twitter links as a benchmark in ranking sites. “Do you confirm this?”

Matt Katz responds to this user, directly in a video to the high importance of signals Social network in ranking sites He pointed out that Google uses data from social networks to determine its position.

But it did not take long for Google to live up to its promise, and after 3 years, it officially announced that activity on social networks is not one of the site’s ranking criteria. This announcement by Google was like a bomb that fell on SEO experts, causing unprecedented confusion among SEOs. This turmoil has continued so far, and we still can not say with complete certainty what effect Social Media will have on the site’s position.

In the following, we will try to compare this confusion to two sides of the coin and by scrutinizing each of them, we will bring you closer to a logical answer.

On the first coin: Why can’t social media be a good benchmark for Google?

Social media content is being updated and changed at breakneck speed. Even now, as you read this article, about 5,000 posts are being shared on Facebook every second. This amount reaches several million posts on Instagram. Just calculate this amount per month to surprise the speed of content updates on your social platforms.

This high speed of social media updates comes at a time when Google’s fast and intelligent crawling bots can’t do their best in indexing social content. For example, on Facebook and Instagram, only profile pages on Google are indexed, and low-traffic posts have little chance of appearing on the results page.

Let’s add that Google is an Internet search service and its access to content on sites is much more accurate. So expecting Google’s algorithms to be able to analyze social media content just like sites and analyze and rank them cannot be a valid hypothesis. We will explain this limitation as an example.

Suppose a post with less valuable content goes viral on Instagram. Since Google is not designed to analyze social networks, it can not properly check and analyze the quality of the content of this post, and therefore a low-value content can easily find its way into the realm of Google.

“It’s better to look at social media more through the eyes of search engines that are made just for the users of this platform. In other words, Google search and social networks are like two parallel lines that move in their path and only occasionally intersect based on the search term of users; “Like when a business profile on Facebook appears in Google results.”

On the second coin: social networks, SEO 2019 and social signals

If you are looking for new techniques to shake your SEO site, and in this way you have listed all the possible and favorite ways of Google one by one from your list, it is better to pay attention to The latest SEO techniques

This year, Google is more concerned with the user experience of your site than with listening to you (ie, the optimizations you make directly to your site). This is where the interesting topic of Social Signal enters the SEO game and takes the look you have had on social networks to a new level. You may ask what social network signals are.

Social signals are actually the likes, comments, shares, visits and interactions seen on a site’s social networks.

  • Now please answer the following 3 questions:
  • Where do users work the most? Social Networks
  • Who generates social signals? users
  • Who do you think Google cares about the most? users

As a result, the signals that users broadcast on social networks can show the right way to Google like a compass and provide useful results to the user in the best way along with Google algorithms.

In 2018, Facebook had more than 1.4 billion active users per day, uploading 300 million new images daily.

At the same time, Twitter has more than 100 million active users per day, who publish an average of 140 million new posts daily.

Why pay more attention to your site’s social signals?

If a page of a site has a high social signal, it means that its content is shared by many people. This helps to improve the credibility of the page and its page rank, and this credibility is also transferred to the Domain Authority of a site. The more credible a site’s domain is, the more confident Google will be in its content and the better its position for that site.

On the other hand, although quality link building is one of the most important criteria for Google to rank sites, but due to the abuse of this method, we will soon see a decrease in the value of this criterion in 2019. Positive signals from your brand name in the digital space can help Google as a more natural and humane criterion.

in the article Brand New Credits for SEO in 2019 You can read about the importance of brand awareness in SEO.

The following are four other reasons why social signals can be as important to you as day:

1. Positive signals on social networks are closer to reality than Google’s algorithms

If your friend mentions a restaurant on Instagram and Google shows you exactly that restaurant in search results, which one do you trust more? Real-time signals from users can greatly optimize the performance of Google algorithms for users to provide more accurate results.

2. In 2019, Google will pay more attention to the credibility of content writers

If an author of content on social media receives positive signals from his audience and produces an article on a site, Google will give that page a better ranking based on the author’s credibility. In other words, the author’s credit is transferred to the page credit. This reputation is known as Author Rank, and Mr. Matt Katz speaks clearly about the importance of this criterion in a video on the impact of social media on SEO. (We put the link of this video above)

3. Customer conversion rate increases with effective activity in social network

Social media space is a good place to interact and communicate with the customer due to its popular atmosphere. So the more positive your activity in this space, the more your customers will trust your brand and introduce your product to others with loyalty; This means creating the highest customer conversion rate with the least amount of work.

4. Google’s cooperation with social networks, the impact of social networks on remote SEO!

Based on Google Collaboration with Twitter In 2015, Google bots will be able to access data on Twitter. This collaboration allows users to index and display tweets on the Google results page. With the increasing level of influence of social platforms in the lives of users, more Google cooperation in this field is not far from the mind.

An amazing statistic of social media and its potential impact on SEO

Since there is no documented information about the importance of social signals on the site, we can not say for sure that Social Media can be considered as a ranking criterion. But we do know that the impact of social media user feedback on SEO is on the rise. You ask why?

According to the latest statistics from the reputable Hootsuite site, 11 people register on social networks every second, which means that the number of people who enter this space is not increasing day by day, but second by second. Finally, in order to make the best content available to the user, Google has to design a proprietary algorithm for the popular social media space and analyze and rank sites based on signals received from users.


You might think that talking about social media in the field of SEO is not a new discussion, but it is good to know that Google always introduces trends as a benchmark in the New Year ranking, which has been talked about a bit before. For example, with the increase in targeted mobile traffic users, Google gradually whispered in the ears of site administrators that the existence of a mobile-specific version for the site is a key criterion.

But this whisper turned into a shout after a while! So that with coming to power Mobile First Index algorithm, All sites had to optimize their site for mobile users for a better position in the results. So it is not far-fetched to see social media as an important criterion in SEO 2021.


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