The Impact of Social Networks on SEO in 2021

The Impact of Social Networks on SEO in 2021

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In recent years, one of the most important topics in website SEO has been the relationship between promoting a site in Google and activity in social traffic and networks. Some believe that the number of content shares is not a criterion for Google, and some experts consider the impact of social networks on SEO to be high. But it is common to find that posts that are shared a lot on social media rank better in Google results.

The impact of social media on SEO and getting better Google rankings

Since 2010, there have been links between the number of content shares on social media and Google results, and some SEOs believe that Google also pays attention to the number of content shares (with less impact) to determine the position of the site, such as links. Also, in the list published by the MOZ website, the number of content shares is considered as a low-impact factor.

In addition, Google has denied the use of content sharing in its algorithm. In fact, it can be concluded from all of the above that Google does not care much about the number of website content shares on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or other social networks in ranking the site and the impact of social networks on SEO is low.

Interact with users on social networks

Maybe we have noticed the wrong criteria and interaction with social network users is something we should pay more attention to. Maybe the reason that the number of shares on social networks makes the site rank better in Google results is that more people are involved with the issue, but how can we measure this issue.

Correlation of posts rank in Google and its review with the rate of interaction with social network users

A survey of more than 1,000 pages found that there was a strong correlation between Facebook interaction rate and post clickthrough rate (CTR) of posts in Google’s organic results. The experiment, which was conducted using Facebook statistics and Google search console, found that content with an interaction rate between 6 and 13 percent will rank better than other posts and will have a better click-through rate. Bring.

For example, we looked at three items that rank well in Google results, and the result was that a post that got 500,000 views of Google results had an interaction rate of 7.4 on Facebook, and a post that got 250,000 views on Google Its interaction rate was 8.5 percent, while the content with 100,000 views from Google had an interaction rate of 7.1 percent. Now the question that arises is whether this is a correlation or a causal relationship?

Google rankings and pay per click or CTR

To answer this question, we must first get acquainted with Google Machine Learning algorithms. In this algorithm, the higher the interaction rate, the more it is seen, and the more it is seen, the better the ranking in Google. And Google has also made extensive use of machine learning models in its Rank Brain ranking algorithm.

For example, when a user searches for content on Google, Google is looking for the best result for the user to increase the quality of the results. One of the things that Google pays attention to to achieve this goal is clickthrough rate or CTR . In fact, how many users click on the first, second or third result determines the click-through rate. The same thing is almost on Facebook, where Facebook exposes the posts that get the most attention and the most likes and comments.

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Which social networks are influential?

Some experts on the impact of social networks on SEO believe that some networks have a small impact and some have a greater impact on the ranking of websites. Although Google has not commented on this and there is no evidence to support this hypothesis, but experience has shown that in most cases social networks are effective and generally social networks that allow the user to share the link. They have a greater impact.

These include Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter as the most influential social networks.

Increase index speed in Google

One of the benefits of sharing and working on social networks is to increase the speed of indexing site content in Google. The experience of SEO experts in this regard shows that sites that share content on social networks on a regular and regular basis, their content is quickly indexed in Google.

The Impact of Social Media on SEO: The Solution

At the end of the article “The Impact of Social Networks on SEO” we must say that using the right content on social networks is a good way to increase the audience and content that can engage the user will also improve the ranking in Google, and finally five Introducing the factor for having an ideal content:

Having an understandable and inspiring idea that may be the most important factor

  • Appropriate content that engages the audience
  • High click-through rate in Google results
  • High quality targeted website traffic conversion rate on the site
  • Advertising on search engines and social networks



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